IoT Smart-Locks: Apple HomeKit & Schlage Sense-lessness (or how to spend $2000 on a deadbolt)

"Hello Siri?"

The goal

  • Upgrade home-office security and take the opportunity to join the Star Trek generation of smart-home IoT.

Exec summary

  • Describe my experience installing and configuring a couple of Schlage Sense smart-locks and configuring them to connect to a couple of Apple TVs as their HomeKit hubs.
  • Examine the pro’s and con’s of smart-home devices: their features are compelling when they work, but IoT remains a bleeding-edge, artful science. (more…)

Smarter Debugging with Unified Logging & Activity Tracing

Photo by Gabriel Manlake on Unsplash

When developing for macOS, iOS, tvOS, or watchOS to get the best performance or provide a secure solution you often need to develop apps that run asynchronously using tools such as XPC, GCD, and NSOperationQueue. Debugging this type of code can be difficult, especially when data is being passed between queues, threads, or processes.

Logging is an age old technique to help in these situations, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of log data and to introduce or mask problems because of the observer effect — the overhead associated with many logging frameworks. I know logging isn’t exactly going to steal the headlines away from Siri integration or watchOS 3, but as a developer it’s a valuable debugging tool and the changes in these APIs look to save some significant time while debugging crashes and squashing bugs.