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Are You Attending CES 2017?


Are you going to CES? We’ll be there. We expect to see some exciting breakthroughs in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) as well as new innovations in pro-audio equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and much more. It looks like the augmented reality presence at this year’s CES will be double what it was last year, so there will be plenty of new AR and VR devices to experience. If you need a development firm to help you with your AR device, let us know.
Just as there are AR and VR devices that aim to untether themselves from smartphones, the recent trend has been to develop more wearables that can capture and manage data without the need for a smartphone. That’s especially been the case in healthcare IoT and fitness, so much so that we’re starting to see the phrase “augmented humanity” used more often when discussing the future of IoT. Maybe we can help you with your IoT idea or device.
Another segment that will be even bigger than last year will be the driverless cars. Self-driving cars are already out there on the road in many cities, and Uber has been experimenting with them as part of their service, so it will be interesting to see what kinds of enhancements we’ll see in the arena of autonomous driving technology.
Over the holidays, some of the more popular gadgets that were gifted included the Amazon Echo and the Google Home, both of which rely on proprietary AI to “listen” to their users as they gather data and perform more and more functions around a properly equipped home or work space. CES will be showcasing more AI breakthroughs from companies that are using deep learning to process big data more effectively not just to manage (and, yes, sometimes mismanage) social media, but to also to control everything from light bulbs to thermostats and even driverless cars.
What kind of technology are you working on? If you need a software developer to help push your idea further or you’ve found that maybe a fresh set of eyes might solve a programming dilemma that’s hampered your progress, get in touch with us to schedule a meeting while we’re at CES.

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