SXSW Wrap-up

Now that I’ve been home for a month, I’m ready to write up my thoughts on my first time attending the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, TX.


A view from the green room

Art & Logic has had a presence at SXSW before (conveniently, we have a few account managers who live in Austin, so it was easy), but this was the first time that we’ve attended it aggressively. We had a booth on the trade show floor, and took part in a panel discussion on the topic of estimating software projects — (more…)

Thoughts on Estimating Software Projects

Light in Dark StairsAt the moment, I’m sitting at a gate at Newark Airport, waiting to board an extremely delayed flight that will take me to the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, TX, where I’ll be speaking on a panel discussing estimating software projects (“Project Estimation: 3 Firms Light Up the Dark Art”, March 7th, 5PM in the San Jacinto Ballroom). I figured that I’d use this unexpected idle time to capture some of the points that I hope I’ll be able to make.


Can I Hold you to That?


I came across two articles over the past few days, both of which resonated with me, but neither of which filled me with much hope for a resolution to the problem they addressed.

Ron Jeffries‘ article, Estimation is Evil: Overcoming the Estimation Obsession, enumerates some well-known issues with how software estimates are interpreted and the problems they cause. His suggestion is to forego estimation, start building software, and come to a go/no-go decision after a couple of iteration cycles.