App Review: InVision

Illustration by Daisey

Design is not only how it looks,
but also how it works.

Wireframing is key to a successful user interface design.

Wireframes are like blueprints, the foundation on which you plan to build your project. Not only do you get a chance to flesh out the overall structure of the application, but you also find commonalities and differences among key areas that can help spawn new ideas during the process.  (more…)

From a Remote Perspective – Samsung Chromebook Review

Image of woman on Chromebook. Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Working remotely while travelling has its challenges. Oftentimes there is no telling what environment you may be in, or what distractions may come creeping up on you. But one thing’s for sure – you have to get some work done!

Recently I took a weekend motorcycle trip to the beach.  As a programmer,  I wanted to get some work done so I packed my Macbook Pro, camera, and a few other essential items in my backpack. I made the foolish assumption that I would conveniently find some free wifi, remote into my home computer (where my work environment is already set up) and begin my code monkey ritual.

Surprise! …