Designing Connected Products

"Designing Connected Products" Book Cover

A Book Review & Call to Arms

We’re pretty clearly on the cusp of an era where much of what we know about building software systems is wrong. As devices become smarter and networked (or dumber and networked, which may end up being equally important or more important in the long run), as people who design and develop the software systems that monitor, control, or otherwise interact with these new kinds of devices, we all need to acquire different sets of skills that are currently rare, and apply our old habits and knowledge in different ways than we’re used to. (more…)

The “UX” in “UI/UX”

Image of person mapping user experience. Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

If you read the range of articles out there written on the subject of User Experience Design (UXD), you’ll find varied opinions about what it is in practice. Some say UXD is just about user studies and research to gather actual user data that will inform the design process. Some say the “UX” is about what users feel when they experience a product. Pretty much all of what experts write about “UX” is true, depending on what sort of product is being developed.