See you at SXSW 2016


Alas, our panel proposal didn’t get picked this year but, we’ll still be there checking out the ones that did. We had a great time with the one we presented in 2014. The audio is a bit long but, check it out if you’re curious as to how software development firms estimate your projects.

Anyways, we’ll be hanging out in downtown Austin for the next few days so, if you’ll be at SXSW as well and would like to get together feel free to reach out to either Josh ( or myself ( – we’d love to hang out!

Why Develop a Custom Field Solution App?

Your average software developer has it easy, in some respects. When most of your work takes place in virtual space, your software doesn’t have to deal with the physical world very much.

But a store is a different story. Every day, it needs software to coordinate an intricate dance of products, customers, employees, transportation, promotions, shipping, and more. Making matters even more complicated, a retail chain has to accomplish all of this while being geographically distributed, often across a great distance.

The same challenges face most businesses dealing in a widespread physical marketplace: from manufacturers and shippers to farmers and mid-sized retailers. Often, they have to manage physical logistics while facing a rise in pressure from online competitors. (more…)

What Is a Bug?

The term “bug” is fairly common in this age of technology. Most people seem to understand that in the context of software or technology in general, it means something bad or annoying, especially because that’s what a bug is in nature.

Some bugs may go unnoticed, some may simply annoy, and some may do us harm or even kill us. Some bugs are fairly easy to find, while others are very rare and require expertise and perhaps intuition or chance to find. These characteristics actually apply to both bugs in nature and bugs in software.

Both types of bugs are also plentiful. This is an important thing to understand in the context of software development. When embarking on a software development project, it would be unwise to think that there will not be any bugs during the process. Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of software development, and it must begin as the project starts. Insufficient QA has led to the untimely and costly termination of many software development projects, or worse. (more…)