See you at SXSW 2016


Alas, our panel proposal didn’t get picked this year but, we’ll still be there checking out the ones that did. We had a great time with the one we presented in 2014. The audio is a bit long but, check it out if you’re curious as to how software development firms estimate your projects.
Anyways, we’ll be hanging out in downtown Austin for the next few days so, if you’ll be at SXSW as well and would like to get together feel free to reach out to either Josh ( or myself ( – we’d love to hang out!

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Accurate Timing

Accurate Timing

In many tasks we need to do something at given intervals of time. The most obvious ways may not give you the best results. Time? Meh. The most basic tasks that don't have what you might call CPU-scale time requirements can be handled with the usual language and...

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