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There’s Still Time to Vote for Art+Logic’s SXSW Proposals


We submitted three ideas for the 2019 SXSW Interactive Festival and there’s still time to vote for our proposals through the Panelpicker. As we mentioned in our last post, SXSW has received over 5000 proposals for just 750 sessions, so your support goes a long way toward helping get our proposals selected.

Here are our proposals:

Native Cross-Platform Development With C++ & JUCE

Developing desktop and mobile versions of an app either requires multiple codebases or reliance on cross-platform frameworks that can make it cumbersome or impossible to reach native code performance or capabilities. We’ll look at how the JUCE framework makes it easy to develop high-performance apps that run natively on Windows, macOS/iOS, Android, and Linux with a single codebase and no compromise on speed or capabilities. JUCE is especially well-suited for domains requiring high performance including video and live processing of audio. Modern design techniques like vector-based UI, FlexBox and CSS Grid simplify the development of responsive interfaces that remain usable at any scale or layout configuration. In this session, we’ll develop a JUCE app that shows all these capabilities. Click here to vote for this panel.

Coding for Audio and Music Technology Meetup

Writing code can be lonely. But here’s a chance to get together with others who are interested in writing the software that will power the future of audio and music technology. We won’t just talk about JUCE — though that could be a big topic. We can mingle and get to know other developers and music tech experts to learn about what they’re using to create the next generation of instruments or audio tools. Click here to vote for this meetup idea.

The Immigrant Executive: Are You a Threat?

What are the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of immigrants and naturalized citizens who have advanced to executive positions? Are there issues that immigrant executives face that are unique to their backgrounds? Do successful immigrants have an obligation to speak out against policies that threaten other immigrants? You can vote for this proposal here.

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Accurate Timing

Accurate Timing

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