Another Look at RubyMotion


A few months ago I took a look at RubyMotion and wondered if it would garner enough developer interest to be successful and I think it is. There have been several significant updates to the core product, its creator Laurent Sansonetti has given a number of talks at conferences around the world about the project, and open source and commercial projects are being built for RubyMotion apps.
EverClip is built with RubyMotion, recently won a development award from Evernote, and is available on the iTunes App Store.

Cabify is an international version of Uber and has had great success developing their iOS apps with RubyMotion alongside their Rails apps. Cabify is also available on the iTunes App Store and works in several South American and European cities at the moment.

Along with commercial apps there’s a growing open source community surrounding RubyMotion on GitHub. One of the most active contributors is Clay Allsopp who’s recent contributions include:

HipByte also just announced that they’ve hired Watson, the most active MacRuby contributor, to help with RubyMotion development so it will be great to see what new features and changes they have in store for RubyMotion in months to come.

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Accurate Timing

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