Audiobus – Live app-to-app audio streaming for iOS


A few days ago bgporter shared a link to an article at about a new iOS app and SDK for streaming live audio between iOS apps called Audiobus. It’s created by the developers behind A Tasty Pixel and Audanika, has received Apple’s approval, and looks to revolutionize how audio apps are built and work together on iOS.
The Audiobus app allows musicians to connect the inputs and outputs of third party apps that take advantage of the Audiobus SDK using virtual “cables” in order to take advantage of features of different iOS audio apps, all in real time. This is great news for iOS developers since they can simplify their apps and take advantage of the Audiobus app ecosystem. For example, a developer of an effects app could rely on a recording app as an input source and output to an app that takes care of saving and sharing the resulting  audio track.

Software screen capture

An early screenshot of the Audiobus UI as seen on

It’s not available on the App Store yet, the developers are doing more testing and working with other third party developers (reportedly over 450 have expressed interest) to integrate the Airbus SDK into their apps to make for an awesome launch. A dual-core iOS device (iPad 2 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer) is recommended at this point to handle the live streaming between apps, but the developers are exploring some options for older iOS devices including streaming between multiple devices for future versions of the app and SDK.
You can sign up for more information at the Audiobus site and be sure to also check out:

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