Prioritizing Features for a Custom Software Solution

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Every custom software solution is unique. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be custom. With this in mind, it’s important to align the overall custom software development process to your needs.

Not every project, for example, will need the same depth of initial research – you wouldn’t apply the same research process to a manufacturing plant control system as you would to a web form for collecting user data.


Custom Software ROI and How it Affects Your Bottom Line

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What are some of the most common ways that organizations achieve a favorable return on investment when developing custom software?

On the whole, there are two types of custom software, each with vastly different types of prospective returns. The way you evaluate software ROI will necessarily depend on the type of project you’re undertaking. Let’s examine them one by one. (more…)

The Real Cost of Custom Software Development: Uncovering What’s Hidden

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When you set out to create custom software, one of the biggest dangers lies in hidden costs – unexpected expenses that can upset your planned balance of budget, deadline, and features.

The key to keeping your project from getting mired in these pitfalls? In short, you need to recognize these traps before you set out, so you can avoid them once you’re on the road to a finished product. What, then, are some of the most common mistakes that organizations make when estimating the cost of custom software development projects? What kind of hidden costs may emerge?