Font Awesome – It Really Is


Do your web buttons or icons pixelate when displayed on retina devices? Do you crave a solution that isn’t hacky (like attempting to detect the type of display being used)? Enter Font Awesome. (more…)

Practical But Not Always Practiced MSDN Advice


Recently, I had the need to test an edge case using a very old version of Microsoft Outlook. I thought this might not be so bad with the use of a virtual machine – perhaps I should have been a bit more realistic. Perhaps I should have listened to the advice in the MSDN subscription: “Write down these product keys and keep them in a safe place”. (more…)


Underscore JS logo

Have you ever had to deal with javascript code that was less than elegant and performed like it looked? I was waist deep in this mass of suffering when a colleague of mine introduced me to underscore.js. It is simply brilliant. The library is composed of about 80 functions that provide functional programming support without extending the built-in javascript objects. What makes this library stand out is that it delegates to built-in functions if they are present (i.e. if your browser or javascript engine supports it). There are several benefits of using underscore.js. Here are three: