Happy New Year image courtesy of retna karunia at Flickr

A Few of Our New Year’s Resolutions


I resolve to brighten the lives and businesses of our clients and partners at every touch point.
I resolve to be more creative and persistent in uncovering the deepest and most meaningful ways in which we can impact our clients’ and partners’ success.
I resolve to get better at explaining how software is a creative medium and needs breathing room for creativity to flourish.
I resolve to not immediately enter heart palpitations and a dread state every time a client uses the words “tweak”, “easy”, “simple” or the phrase “just a [fill in the blank]”. As in, “We just need a simple tweak to the application user management system. It should be easy…right?”
I resolve to finally, finally find a conferencing tool that works consistently and flawlessly. On a related note, I resolve to let go of my loathing and feelings of betrayal towards Skype, Citrix, Uberconference and Google Hangouts for taking a perfectly good solution and somehow “tweaking” it until it was no longer functional.
I resolve to be more patient and more empathetic in my communications with clients who may be taking their very first step into the world of software development; I’ll put the dots closer for them and place the rungs of the ladder closer together so that they can feel more confident in their experience creating a piece of custom software.
I resolve to put on pants before every video call I take after 12PM.
I resolve to improve transparency for all of my clients.
I resolve to ensure we are the best fit for our clients before accepting their business and to ensure that my pants are the best fit for me.
I resolve to find more new, innovative, and exciting companies for us to partner with in the new year!
I resolve to improve communication with my coworkers and clients by getting a better internet service provider even if that means moving so that conference calls do not cut out every time something important is said.
I resolve not to panic when the airline loses my luggage the night before a conference/trade show.

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