How a Custom Field Solutions App Drives Efficiency

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Most companies that distribute products in the physical world need some sort of software solution to manage their business processes. Ideally, this solution should be more efficient than a centralized data repository with a handful of terminals — yet this is what many businesses are still using. (more…)

Why Develop a Custom Field Solutions App?

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Your average software developer has it easy, in some respects. When most of your work takes place in virtual space, your software doesn’t have to deal with the physical world very much.

But a department store is a different story. Every day, it needs software to coordinate an intricate dance of products, customers, employees, transportation, promotions, shipping, and more. Making matters even more complicated, a retail chain has to accomplish all of this while being geographically distributed, often across a great distance.

The same challenges face most businesses dealing in a widespread physical marketplace: from manufacturers and shippers to farmers and mid-sized retailers. Often, they have to manage physical logistics while facing a rise in pressure from online competitors. (more…)