GitHub’s Mantle for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch

Octocat logoEarlier this week GitHub announced Mantle, a model framework for Objective-C that is lighter weight than Core Data and well suited to implementing a model layer for an app that interacts with web services. The project is available on GitHub and also as a Cocoapods pod and works with iOS and Mac OS X apps.

I’ve been working on an Objective-C implementation of the Cosm API using the excellent AFNetworking framework with model objects as simple NSObject subclasses. After reading about Mantle I wanted to take a look at how much work I could save myself so updated one of my model objects to be an MTLModel subclass instead.


Found on GitHub: PSTCollectionView

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The UICollectionView class that Apple introduced in iOS 6.0 is simply fantastic and has received some great praise and reviews at NSHipster, at Ole Begemann’s blog, and has iOS Devs tweeting their love of it.

It’s only available on iOS 6.0 but Peter Steinberger has released PSTCollectionView which is an 100% API compatible replacement that works on iOS 4.3 and newer. If you’re using a UICollectionView in your latest iOS app and are looking to support older versions of iOS definitely check it out.

Found on GitHub: MTDates

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A great repo that I recently came across on GitHub is MTDates – all the date functions you’ll ever need. It’s a category on NSDate from the team at Mysterious Trousers who have some great iOS apps. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing NSDate or NSDateComponents had a method for quickly creating, printing, or comparing a date or time chances are the method you want is in MTDates.

To top it off it’s available in Cocoapods by adding the following line to your Podfile: pod "MTDates"

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