Level Up Your Coding Skills With exercism.io

A few months ago I stumbled across an interesting open source project created by Katrina Owen called exercism.io that provides a collection of programming practice problems in over 30 languages. On the surface, it’s a great resource for learning to code or learning a new language. I’ve found however that as you dig deeper it has much more to offer on a number of levels.
To get started you simply install the exercism command line client, login with GitHub, pick a language to work in, and fetch your first problem. The first problem in many languages is often just a simple “hello world” exercise just to get you started. When you fetch a problem you get a ReadMe file with a description of the challenge and a suite of unit tests. In TDD style you write code until the tests are passing and you’ve solved the problem. Afterwards, you submit your solution and other exercism users are able to review and comment on your code. You can carry on the conversation and submit additional revisions of your code as part of this informal peer code review.


LGPL: A Summary for the Wary

Open-source Doctor

I recently went through some involved discussions with a client who has traditionally not used open-source software when a library package licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) seemed to be the best choice for our needs. I kept a number of notes during these conversations and felt it was probably something that should be shared since, no matter how comfortable you are working with open-source licensed software, you probably work with (or for) someone who doesn’t share that comfort. How do you talk to them about using open source software, particularly as part of some product that you are releasing?

While you are reading this, keep in mind some things:

1) The primary focus is on the GNU LGPL since that was the center of our discussions. Some of the topics talked about here may not be similar for other licenses.
2) There are tons of all-inclusive articles about open-source software that cover all of the details of nearly every type of license. This isn’t one of those.
3) I AM NOT A LAWYER! Everything here is based on my limited understanding of the legal dealings and nothing here should be taken as any type of legal advice.