The Economics of Android


If you haven’t already do yourself a favor and head over to to catch Horace Deidu’s multi-post series on “The Economics of Android”. Horace and Dan Benjamin discuss the series during this week’s Critical Path podcast as well. Horace is a former analyst for Nokia and has been writing Asymco for a few years now. His analysis of the mobile industry and Apple’s place within it in particular has been featured in publications such as Bloomberg and Forbes.
I look forward to seeing how these numbers change as Apple is rumored to be dropping some Google services from iOS 6 and as Google’s competitors in search take advantage of the open-source Android OS for their own benefit.

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Accurate Timing

Accurate Timing

In many tasks we need to do something at given intervals of time. The most obvious ways may not give you the best results. Time? Meh. The most basic tasks that don't have what you might call CPU-scale time requirements can be handled with the usual language and...

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