Visualizing the Facebook IPO


The NY Times has published a great interactive graphic showing the Facebook IPO and how it compares to the IPOs of other tech companies. On their chartsnthings blog you can take a behind the scenes look at the design and thought process behind the interactive graphic.
The graphic was built in part by Amanda Cox of the NY Times. She gave a great talk at the Eyeo Festival in 2011 that shares some more of the insights into the process and science of data visualization. Also cool to see that Jeremy Ashkenas, the creator of CoffeeScript was also involved in the project.
Many of the tools used to assemble this and other interactive online visualizations can be found at the fantastic

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Accurate Timing

Accurate Timing

In many tasks we need to do something at given intervals of time. The most obvious ways may not give you the best results. Time? Meh. The most basic tasks that don't have what you might call CPU-scale time requirements can be handled with the usual language and...

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