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2014 Review: Day 2


As 2014 winds down, we’ll take an opportunity to look back at some of our most-read posts from this year, in case you missed them the first time. 

Back in May, Noah Miller took a look at what you need to know about creating plug-ins for the gulp build system:

A Simple gulp Plugin

gulp is the new black. It’s quickly supplanting Grunt for JavaScript builds because it’s faster and simpler. When we replaced our Gruntfile with a gulpfile on one of our projects, our build script sped up by an order of magnitude and became much more comprehensible.

Because gulp is so new, its suite of plugins is much smaller.  Granted it’s easy to use many basic node modules without a gulp plugin, like:

var rimraf = require('rimraf');
gulp.task('clean', function (cb) {
    rimraf('./build', cb);

But in many other cases a plugin either saves code duplication between projects or makes it simpler to perform a conventional action. How hard is it to create a gulp plugin?

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