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A&L’s Angular Greatest Hits


Looking at traffic to our site, it’s fascinating to see that this series of posts by Vlad on Angular.js continues to be among the most-read posts we’ve ever published. If you missed them the first time, do check them out.

AngularJS is a sweet web app framework. It comes with decent official documentation and samples, it looks superior among a large number of frameworks in an almost-real-world application test (the famous TodoMVC project), and there are cool presentations and screencasts about it all over the web.
But for a developer who has not used frameworks similar to Angular before, and has mostly worked withJavaScript libraries like jQuery, there may be some difficulty in shifting from the jQuery mindset to the Angular mindset. At least there was for me, and I’d like to share some notes–maybe this will be useful to someone.

Start with AngularJS for jQuery Developers and keep going from there…

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Accurate Timing

Accurate Timing

In many tasks we need to do something at given intervals of time. The most obvious ways may not give you the best results. Time? Meh. The most basic tasks that don't have what you might call CPU-scale time requirements can be handled with the usual language and...

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