Art+Logic acquired Accomplio

Art+Logic recently acquired Accomplio, one of the leading product development firms in San Francisco.


For several years, now, since before the term Internet of Things came into vogue, Art+Logic has been developing IoT-type software solutions for our clients. With the acquisition of Accomplio, a leading product development firm specializing in hardware and software for IoT devices, we now offer the services of a more complete IoT practice. In addition to developing the necessary software for a project, we can now deliver integrated connected-device solutions for both enterprise and consumer markets.

The combination of Accomplio’s expertise in developing integrated hardware and software products with Art+Logic’s award-winning software development services means that we now have the full range of capabilities required to develop connected device systems. Our expanded services include:

  • full-stack software development
  • system architecture
  • cloud services
  • Hardware UI/UX design
  • hardware engineering
  • manufacturing operations expertise

If you’ve been looking for a top software development firm that can also work with you on your IoT hardware, with the advanced expertise to guide you through the entire process of creating the hardware and software you need, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you. Read the press release to learn more.

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