CSS Zentangle

zentangle elepahant, patterns, inspired by a recent trip to Thailand

Thailand, elephants and Micron pens

Making friends in Thailand.After returning from a three month journey through Southeast Asia, I’ve been doodling elephants. Lots and lots of zentangle elephants. I attribute this to the set of Micron pens I bought in Thailand, and wonder if these fine writing instruments are even capable of drawing patternless, non-tropical animals. Testing that theory hardly appeals to me since I’m still in elephant mode. So instead, I decided to challenge myself in other ways by creating the world’s first purely HTML/CSS “hachyderm”.

See what I did there?  (more…)

My First Hackathon

Berlin Geekettes Hackathon

Berlin Geekettes Hackathon – Berlin, Oct 11th, 12th, 13th

After working from “home” for the past dozen or so years, it just dawned on me. Other than what I see on my screen, I’m entirely out of touch with my fellow designers and developers! Suddenly, I had a craving for some human interaction in my professional life and decided to venture out and sign up for a few meetups and local tech events in Berlin.

A friend told me about the Berlin Geekettes, a community of women dedicated to helping aspiring and established females in the tech industry. They offer a mentorship program, they host lectures and workshops, and… an all-women hackathon? 

I signed up.

Designing For An International Audience

World Map

Reaching global audiences

The more I travel, the more I realize there are few things in this world that can be universally translated. "Hello!" works everywhere, that’s a given. Smiles are safely accepted world wide, or at least, in the places on my personal bucket list. And luckily, the word "coffee" or anything sonically resembling it will result in a cup of joe. Currently, I’m sitting in the garden of an art hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria, sipping said cup of joe.

Being the design junkie that I am, I always take note of signs, flyers, posters, ads and local magazines and realized graphic design aesthetics differ from culture to culture.

Initially, I sketched this post as a comparison of visual design among the varying cultures, but then I thought – how does this effect web design? We have the technology to sniff users’ locations and dish up localized sites, but a better approach would be to find a common ground that works across borders: technically, aesthetically and otherwise.


App Review: InVision

Illustration by Daisey

Design is not only how it looks,
but also how it works.

Wireframing is key to a successful user interface design.

Wireframes are like blueprints, the foundation on which you plan to build your project. Not only do you get a chance to flesh out the overall structure of the application, but you also find commonalities and differences among key areas that can help spawn new ideas during the process.  (more…)