My First Hackathon

Berlin Geekettes Hackathon - Berlin, Oct 11th, 12th, 13th

Berlin Geekettes Hackathon – Berlin, Oct 11th, 12th, 13th

After working from “home” for the past dozen or so years, it just dawned on me. Other than what I see on my screen, I’m entirely out of touch with my fellow designers and developers! Suddenly, I had a craving for some human interaction in my professional life and decided to venture out and sign up for a few meetups and local tech events in Berlin.

A friend told me about the Berlin Geekettes, a community of women dedicated to helping aspiring and established females in the tech industry. They offer a mentorship program, they host lectures and workshops, and… an all-women hackathon? 

I signed up.

Designing For An International Audience

world map

Reaching global audiences

The more I travel, the more I realize there are few things in this world that can be universally translated. “Hello!” works everywhere, that’s a given. Smiles are safely accepted world wide, or at least, in the places on my personal bucket list. And luckily, the word “coffee” or anything sonically resembling it will result in a cup of joe. Currently, I’m sitting in the garden of an art hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria, sipping said cup of joe.

Being the design junkie that I am, I always take note of signs, flyers, posters, ads and local magazines and realized graphic design aesthetics differ from culture to culture.

Initially, I sketched this post as a comparison of visual design among the varying cultures, but then I thought – how does this effect web design? We have the technology to sniff users’ locations and dish up localized sites, but a better approach would be to find a common ground that works across borders: technically, aesthetically and otherwise. (more…)

App Review: InVision


Illustration by Daisey.

Design is not only how it looks,
but also how it works.

Wireframing is key to a successful user interface design.

Wireframes are like blueprints, the foundation on which you plan to build your project. Not only do you get a chance to flesh out the overall structure of the application, but you also find commonalities and differences among key areas that can help spawn new ideas during the process.  (more…)

Digital Doodles

Daisey Doodle

I’m a doodler. I’ve always enjoyed doodling. Even as a kid, anything within the diameter of our kitchen phone chord’s reach was covered in spirals, patterns, 3D names and numbers. School notebooks and folders were tricked out with ballpoint pen illustrations, band name fonts, hearts and peace signs. 

Now I’m all grown up and I get paid to doodle. Life is good. 🙂