Digital Doodles

Daisey Doodle

I’m a doodler. I’ve always enjoyed doodling. Even as a kid, anything within the diameter of our kitchen phone chord’s reach was covered in spirals, patterns, 3D names and numbers. School notebooks and folders were tricked out with ballpoint pen illustrations, band name fonts, hearts and peace signs. 

Now I’m all grown up and I get paid to doodle. Life is good. 🙂


Resurgence of the Animated Gif

Cinemagraph - Animated Gif Redux

Cinemagraph – Animated Gif Redux

The grand daddy of browser compatible image formats loops back in the limelight. Whether you pronounce it with a hard g as in “gift” or soft g as in “gem”, gifs are here to stay… and they’re classier than ever.


Instagram Photo Styles with CSS


Those cool retro filters aren’t just for cameras and image editors anymore…

By coupling FilterEffects and a few simple image overlays, we’re able to achieve some pretty cool effects similar to those produced by camera apps, such as Instagram. Be warned, these filters are only supported by webkit browsers at this point, but it’s still an exciting glimpse into the future of CSS and a fun way to explore photo manipulation via code.


Oh, drop downs, you cheeky little things!


Why is it? Form elements are fully customizable using simple CSS styling *except* <select> drop downs. Oh sure, you can tweak colors, sizes, fonts, etc. but I’m talking about overriding the native controls and really making them your own. Of course, you can use jQuery, which is an excellent solution in most cases, but sometimes introducing additional scripts can interfere with what’s going on under the hood.

I recently stumbled upon a neat concept, and after a little wrangling, I was surprised to have found a pretty simple way to override the native <select> drop down. Oh, happy day!