Sixteen Panels Made Me Think

Solar panels on house

Three years ago my wife and I signed up to purchase an array of sixteen solar panels for our rooftop. It was part of a neighborhood group-buy sponsored by the City of Milwaukee, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, and our local neighborhood association. Along with the purchase, we became members of the MREA and learned for the first time about their annual Energy Fair. Every year, thousands of people with an interest in sustainable energy convene in northern Wisconsin for three days of workshops, industry speakers, and other activities. (more…)

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Custom Business Software Development


Software development services are different from other products and services an organization might purchase.

In order to make the development process as effective as possible – and end up with software that helps you accomplish your business goals – it’s important to understand the journey you’re embarking on at the outset. Below we’ve assembled three crucial tips for getting the most out of custom business software development. (more…)