Blog Rewind: Estimates and Requirements


While preparing some documents today I ended back here on the blog reading two posts from last year that are still fresh and deserve a second (or first, if you missed them the first time!) look.
First, a post I wrote while waiting at the airport for a flight to SXSW 2014. That flight ended up being so delayed that I came closer to missing the panel I was speaking on than I care to ever repeat again:
Thoughts on Estimating Software Projects

To be honest, while I’m excited to be speaking at SXSW, I wasn’t at all excited at first to be talking about this topic; it’s an area that’s not considered ‘cool’ in modern software development circles. The most obvious indication of this attitude is an article in a recent issue of Pragmatic Programmer Magazine by Ron Jeffries titled “Estimation is Evil: Overcoming the Estimation Obsession.”

…and a follow-up post a week later by Noah Miller talking about our guidelines for writing useful and meaningful requirements docs for software projects:
Thoughts on Writing Software Requirements

Writing and estimating requirements is painful to most everyone involved, highly problematic, totally not hip – and essential to well run projects.

Check them out.
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