iOS 11 update

iOS 11: The Culling


Amid the OS updates rolled out last week, one of the iOS updates may have passed by the casual observer or novice application developer with little notice.
iOS 11 no longer supports 32-bit applications. Technically, there’s no reason to not support 32-bit applications. There’s no real magic in 64-bit applications. But since Apple has been pushing for 64-bit applications for about 3 years and any developer seasoned in iOS development has adopted this standard for any new applications and updated any maintained applications, this is effectively Apple’s way of culling from the glutted AppStore all the abandoned and crusty applications in one fell swoop. Once someone updates their iOS device to iOS 11, your application, if it’s not 64-bit, simply will cease to work.
As mentioned, this shouldn’t affect anyone who has had their application updated within the last three years. However, it’s worth checking with your developer to ensure that your application will be supported by the new OS.
We’ve worked with many niche, independent application developers. Visionary clients, altruistic clients, or clients with a very discrete need have historically undertaken small applications that, once implemented, they’ve only updated if an OS update broke core functionality. These developers may wish to take this opportunity to evaluate whether it makes sense to update their application, retool it to make it more profitable, or abandon it to the mists of time.

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