MacGDBp – A Neat PHP Debugger for Mac Users


MacGDBp – A neat PHP debugger for Mac users
MacGDBp is a nifty Mac application by Blue Static ( for debugging PHP web applications. MacGDGp works with the Xdebug extension and is very easy to set up. Like any other debugger, MacGDBp provides the ability to step through each line of PHP code and allows setting up of breakpoints very easily. Here’s a screen shot of the main window.
MacGDBp also allows inspection of variables during debugging in a separate HUD window. This is useful for when variable values are long enough to not display fully in the main debugger window.
I have been happily using it on PHP projects.
The only problem I have run into (and as is mentioned on the Blue Static web site) is setting up Xdebug with the built-in version of PHP on Mac OS X. However, I now use MAMP for PHP development and installing Xdebug in MAMP was a breeze for me. If you use MAMP on the Mac for creating PHP applications, you will find this tool very handy unless you are already set up for debugging with alternate methods.
MacGDBp claims to work well for debugging a remote server but I have not used it in this scenario yet.
The source for MacGDBp is also available so if you want to enhance it to suit your needs, you can!

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