Strategic Disadvantages


Photo of James AllworthThe latest episode of The Critical Path podcast titled “Strategic Disadvantages” featuring James Allworth and Horace Dediu is simply fantastic. Download a copy now and take the hour to listen to it, then listen a second time.
Allworth recently wrote the controversial Who Cares if Samsung Copied Apple for HBR and now works for The Forum for Growth & Innovation alongside Clayton Christensen, Dediu’s former professor and inspiration behind much of his research and analysis into Apple and mobile computing.
Using disruption and the jobs to be done theories along with case studies from the PC and other industries Allworth and Dediu discuss the vulnerability of Apple to low-end disruption. If you’re interested in iOS, Android, smartphone expansion into developing markets, or the challenges that lie ahead for Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC, Microsoft, and others in the mobile space this is a must listen.
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