Upsource: New Code Review Tool

I have a special place in my heart for web apps that make coding management easier.  This week, my crush is Upsource, a new code review tool (and source code repository browser) that’s in a semi-public alpha period.


It looks to have a great interface for:

  • starting ad hoc reviews or requesting reviews
  • looping in other people to discuss or watch the review
  • linking to reviews or multi-line selections
  • adding new code revisions to an ongoing review (more…)
App Review: InVision

App Review: InVision

Design is not only how it looks,
but also how it works.

Wireframing is key to a successful user interface design.

Wireframes are like blueprints, the foundation on which you plan to build your project. Not only do you get a chance to flesh out the overall structure of the application, but you also find commonalities and differences among key areas that can help spawn new ideas during the process.  (more…)

Find programming resources through Pineapple

menu barSoftware screen is a brand-new programmer-focused site that is a mash-up of existing concepts:

  1. An alternative to “google tutorial {programming problem}
  2. A replacement for crusty web browser bookmarks
  3. A new reddit-style source for procrastination and community link-sharing, but one more edifying than r/bronies

And though its individual parts are little more than attractively-executed clones of existing systems, the whole has potential.  I see myself using it both to discover new ideas I hadn’t thought to search for previously, and to find resources for my immediate coding problems.

The site divides content by tags as well as by three color-coded categories: tutorials, tools, and assets.  See its about page and its FAQ for more.

How is this site different than Reddit or Digg?

Pineapple is a place to submit things you LEARN from, usually in the form of tutorials. In addition, we allow you to submit things that make your workflow easier, whether thats a tool, asset, or some other resource. Here are a few examples of what you might find here:

  • A beginner’s guide to using Emacs
  • A sprite generator, downloadable app for CSS images
  • How to set up ruby on rails with nginx and unicorn
  • How to use layer comps in Photoshop CS6
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