Children's Miracle Network

Vote for Miracles so Kids Can Get Better!


Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals launched a nationwide “Vote for Miracles” campaign today, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Credit Unions for Kids program. From November 29 through December 20, credit unions and the general public are invited to cast their votes to support their favorite CMN Hospital.
Art & Logic was pleased to join other providers, including web design firm, in creating the “Vote For Miracles” web application. Art & Logic donated discounted application development time to help Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and Credit Unions for Kids achieve their outreach goals in support of children living with health issues.
The web application we built is expected to process millions of votes over the next three weeks. In addition to voting at, please share the hashtag #VoteForMiracles to raise support for your favorite Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.
At the conclusion of the promotion, the top five hospitals will be awarded a total of $100,000 on behalf of America’s credit unions, compliments of CO-OP Financial Services.

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