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Take your startup from concept to seed funding

A great idea is only the beginning of your journey. To get the funding you need, you’ll have to show investors how your concept can generate a healthy return on their investment. Since a good investor will exercise due diligence, you need to be ready to provide compelling answers to the many questions they’ll have. Seasoned investors will only fund your startup if you can prove to them that you have the wherewithal to build, operate, and grow a viable business.

We work with a small, select group of founders to help them refine their concepts, design their products, and (de)construct their business plans.

From back-of-the-napkin sketches to boardroom presentations, find your roadmap to success with Incub8Next.

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A social impact incubator
Incub8Next is a partnership between Arabian Prince, futurist and founding member of N.W.A., Paul Hershenson, cofounder of Art+Logic, Matthew Walk, a healthcare entrepreneur, and Aj Kang, an inventor and sales & marketing maverick.

We’re looking for startups with ideas that will benefit underserved communities and vulnerable populations.

Art+Logic announces the winner of our first annual software Incubator Lab:

Scott Hawley, PhD., Associate Professor of Physics at Belmont University in Nashville.

Dr. Hawley submitted a machine-learning based app that uses neural networks and Deep Learning to allow producers and composers to train their own systems to help classify, organize, and query their datasets of samples and loops. This project will allow musicians and producers the ability to train their own systems to to use their own tags and criteria.

“I’m honored and excited to have the opportunity to work with Art+Logic,” says Dr. Hawley. “They’re a company that combines high competence with an ease of working together. Together, we’re partnering to put the training of ‘artificially intelligent’ audio processing into the hands of individual composers and producers. Art+Logic have become the key to making my idea a reality!”

The idea for this project began in Nashville’s ASPIRE Research Co-op, a gathering dedicated to ‘bringing our innovative audio ideas to life.’

Image of Fortissimo_Trumpet_Ensemble_Matrix

Art+Logic’s Incubator Lab.

Our goal with this lab was to develop a working prototype of an innovative software project. For our first annual lab, we targeted the music technology and professional audio community and welcomed submissions from individuals, companies, and organizations. The selected project was created by Art+Logic’s elite team of developers and designers in close collaboration with the entrepreneur.

The selected project received:

  • A working prototype created by Art+Logic, valued at over $50k.
  • Ongoing support during the capital raising process.
  • An oppportunity to have the full-featured version of their concept built by Art+Logic.
  • Access to Art+Logic strategists to refine their concept and marketing strategy.
  • A progress report shared at the A3E Summit at Summer NAMM in Nashville in June 2018.

About Art+Logic

Art+Logic has been creating software for many of the world’s most successful companies since 1991. We employ our own proprietary, Agile/Lean-inspired software development methodology to nurture software products and digital experiences from concept to maturity. Our elite team of designers and engineers is 100% North American and we never outsource projects or send them overseas.