IoT World 2019

IoT World 2019


IoT World 2019 was definitely a solid show. We’ve been exhibiting or attending for 5 years now and it’s been great to see the show evolve. It’s gone through a few iterations as they’ve added and then removed “co-shows” like AI and Blockchain. This year’s co-show is Autonomous Vehicles. Fewer cool cars than I had hoped for, but still fun, informative, and useful.

Other than autonomous vehicles, the more general themes that stood out for me from this year’s show include:

Platforms: there were quite a few platform providers who offer software and backend for IoT transactions, and, in some cases, software/firmware for devices as well, creating an end-to-end software stack for IoT products.

Verizon at IoT Conference

Connectivity: every major cell provider was here, as well as many value-added product and services resellers that sit on top of those major provider backbone networks. T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. And all other types of communication protocols, like Sigfox and similar, were here. As with anything internet-related, the folks who enable the “internet-ing” are going to be the long-term players/winners, even if their margins are low.

Big players at IoT World

Big players: There were a lot of really nice big booths from large companies across the industry here. IBM, Amazon, Dell, BMC, Schneider Electric, etc. And some folks who I haven’t seen at IoT World before but are clearly now in the game, like Software AG.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics: For being a co-show a year or two ago to a full-fledged business space of its own now, I expected a bit more AI and ML-related companies. There was a decent showing, but not as large as expected given how important AI and ML are to the IoT ecosystem these days. Also, robotics made a good showing. Here’s Husarion’s robot. We’ve done some work with their products for prototyping so it was fun to see one here at the show.

Components at IoT World

Components: As always, the component folks don’t disappoint with their complex and colorful wares that I just can’t pass up taking pictures of.

Sock swag

Socks: And new to the copious array of schwag that comes with any trade show, this year it’s socks. So. Many. Socks. I guess it’s easier than bringing t-shirts in all sizes and running out of the most popular size on the second day of the show. Anyway, here are some socks that I’ll be giving to my kids, who asked me to be on the lookout.

In summary, while the show wasn’t knock-your-socks-off spectacular (pun totally intended), it feels like it’s maturing and is here to stay as part of the yearly stable of regular and worthwhile shows to attend. And, as always, for help with any IoT product at any stage of development, from idea to production, design to software to firmware to hardware, Art+Logic can help! Contact us through our website or email me: rfreedman @

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