Are You Attending CES 2017?

Are You Attending CES 2017?

Are you going to CES? We’ll be there. We expect to see some exciting breakthroughs in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) as well as new innovations in pro-audio equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and much more. It looks like the augmented reality presence at this year’s CES will be double what it was last year, so there will be plenty of new AR and VR devices to experience. If you need a development firm to help you with your AR device, let us know. (more…)

The Oculus Rift Is Pretty Awesome

Contents of the Oculus Rift developer kit.

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The year is 1995, the climax of the “virtual reality” fad. Virtual reality was about to become a big industry, or something. You could even get a degree in it.

Except… where is it? It’s in movies, some pretty bad movies, at least. It’s at the mall, though it’s pretty awkward. You can buy it at Fry’s Electronics, but it’s quite expensive, very slow, and there are only a handful of games that support it. Virtual reality never really happened all the way, at least not like it was portrayed in science fiction. It had arrived, but only virtually, not in substance.

Fast forward almost twenty years. That should be enough time to rinse away the bad taste of Lawnmower Man.