Rebuilding SXSW

SXSW 2017

Now, just hold on a minute. I’m not trying to say that SXSW is broken or somehow inefficient. Stop yelling at me.

Look: SXSW has been around for about 30 years at this point. And it’s grown exponentially in that time. I started going to peripheral music events around 2010 and began attending the Interactive portion in an official capacity for Art+Logic in 2013. As a company, we’ve attended, exhibited at the trade show, and organized panel discussions on technology topics. And every single year since we’ve had a presence, the conference has expanded. More people, more crowds, more lines, more presenters, more panels, more sponsors, and more chaos. (more…)

What We Saw at SXSW 2017

Image inside SXSW

We attended the SXSW Interactive Conference last week and it was just as busy, exciting, and informative as one would expect. We went to sessions covering everything from art and technology to medical software, hearables, wearables, IoT, audio software, software development, AR/VR, and how technology companies can give back to the community.

Medical software and wearables both covered issues relating to the use of data, with several discussions focusing on making the best use of the vast amounts of data that are now collected. Over at the wearables sessions, makers concentrated more on the accuracy of the limited types of data collected and shared their concerns about keeping users engaged with their wearable devices for more than three months. (more…)

Art+Logic at SXSW Interactive 2017

SXSW 2017 Banner

Once again, Art+Logic will have representatives from our development, recruiting, and sales/marketing groups attending the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas from March 10th – 14th. We’d love to meet with anyone there who’s interested in talking about a software development project or opportunities for software developers & designers at A&L.

Please send me an email at so we can coordinate a meeting amidst the madness of SXSW.

(Also, please keep me in your thoughts, as my airline keeps sending me text messages warning that a winter storm arriving overnight threatens massive delays and cancellations of flights tomorrow, hopefully not including my flight to Austin).


Art+Logic at SXSW Interactive


Art+Logic will have representatives from our engineering, recruiting, and account management groups at the upcoming South by Southwest Interactive Festival from March 11-16th.

If you’ll be there and would like to meet up to discuss ways that we might work together, contact me directly at to set something up. You’ll be able to spot me easily — I’ll be the guy trying to figure out which of four simultaneous sessions that I really want to attend is the one that I’ll actually go to.



Office Free at SXSW 2016


Art & Logic is once again trying to be selected to present a panel discussion at next year’s SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin. In 2014, we had a great experience there talking about things we’ve learned about doing estimates for software projects.

This year, we’ve prepared a proposal for a panel to be called “Office Free: Building the Perfect 21st Century Company” that will cover some of the lessons (and anti-patterns) about operating and working in a completely distributed company that we’ve learned over the last 25 years. (more…)